ProFix Computer Repair in McHenry Il

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Serving the McHenry, Johnsburg,IL Area for over 25 Years, Helping people,Tech Support and  community service, ProFix is a Full Service Computer Repair, Tech support company. We provide computer support for small businesses, professionals, and residential or home clients, We are a certificate Microsoft Technology Networking Associate and Certified Microsoft PC Refurbish-er.We have trained  professionals available at a fraction of the cost typically associated with this level of computer service provided by other companies. If you want your PC, Laptop, Desktop or Business Fixed right…Call ProFix at 815.385.1813.

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  1. Your PC can become slow and clunky after time if it’s not properly maintained. As you add, update, and delete software and data files, things can get sluggish. When was the last time you got a computer tune up? PCs need tune ups just like cars do to make sure everything is optimized and running efficiently.
    Our Tune Up service includes, but is not limited to:
    Removing viruses and malware
    Verify Antivirus software and, or installing
    Hard disk cleanup, optimize, and check for disk errors
    Check for system and memory errors
    Optimize performance settings and tweaks
    Remove unnecessary files, programs, and settings
    Clean computer inside and out.
    All for 55.00, with a 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee.

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