Is your PC slow? Does it take forever to start? Does it hang and delay?

We‘ll clean and tune up your computer to make it run like new again! We have a wide array of tools and decades of experience in diagnosing the causes of computer performance problems. Often, there are viruses and spyware present that contribute to this issue.

Keeping your system clean, tuned and up to date is very important, and we recommend having this computer tuneup service done annually. Many security and performance issues are resolved by having this service done. This is one of our most popular ProFix computer repair service requests.

Scammers, calling from India….

BEWARE – We have had 3 Clients on Monday, and 4 today reporting they have received phone calls, some claiming to be from “Microsoft”, telling them that that their computers are infected. The caller asks the User if they are online and if their computers are performing slowly.
If their computers are not running, they will ask the User to boot the system and report on the start up time or, if the system is running and online, they will tell the User that a tech can take over control of it and clean a “virus infection”.
This is a scam !!! They will ask for 300.00 via your credit card, and worst, they have your CC#……Do not fall for this scam. They are from India, and you will know right off the bat.
NEVER allow strangers to take over your computer. NEVER !!!
If you have any questions call Us at 815-385-1813
I’m not one to pass/repost things, but they are in full force write now.