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ProFix knows that your home or business needs tech solutions fast! We pride ourselves on honesty, dedication, teamwork, and knowledge. From a home office to a growing enterprise, we make sure that you have what you need now, and are ready to face the future. Experience is a huge factor in getting the job done quickly and accurately. With our years of experience we can guarantee the fastest quality service no matter if your computer requires a New Hard Drive, Screen, Data Recovery, Virus removal, upgrade, Tune up, or any other type of repair or maintenance work.

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Ransomwear, and what to do…..

For immediate release May 15, 2017
Contact: Frank McClatchey, Owner, ProFix
(815) 385-1813;
Viruses, Ransomware: always backup
McHENRY — ProFix developed a reputation among clients and business for knowing just what to do when their computers slowed to a crawl — or worse, RANSOMWARE
May 12th 2017 saw the biggest ever cyber attack in Internet history (yes, bigger than the Dyn DDoS). A ransomware named WannaCry stormed through the web, with the damage epicenter being in Europe.
Among the many ways ransomware is unique is in the moral quandary it presents its users. Thus far the malware’s encryption has proven largely bulletproof, meaning that, once infected, the end-user has one of two options: either pay the ransom — thereby funding the activities of the criminals who hacked into their system — or lose the files forever.
“Always backup your data, with an external device like an external hard drive. Also, turn off or unplug your back when done. We received a PC from a client last week that had 2 external drives hooked up for back up, and all drives got hacked too… so ALWAYS unplug your back up” said Frank McClatchey owner of ProFix Computer Repair in McHenry.
Like much of the malware out there, ransomware finds its way onto systems through untrusted sites and attachments. So the major tenants of avoiding an infection are similar to those for avoiding malware in general: install security software, keep your operating system and applications up to date, and don’t visit any suspicious sites or open email attachments from unknown sources.
Be careful to click on harmful links in your emails.
Be wary of visiting unsafe or unreliable sites.
Never click on a link that you do not trust on a web page or access to Facebook or messaging applications such as WatSab and other applications.
If you receive a message from your friend with a link, ask him before opening the link to confirm, (infected machines send random messages with links).
Keep your files backed up regularly and periodically.
Be aware of fraudulent e-mail messages that use names similar to popular services such as PayePal instead of PayPal or use popular service names without commas or excessive characters.
Use anti virus and Always make have the last update.
Make sure your windows have the last update close the gap.
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ProFix is here for you…..

ProFix knows that your home or business needs tech solutions fast! We pride ourselves on honesty, dedication, teamwork, and knowledge. From a home office to a growing enterprise, we make sure that you have what you need now, and are ready to face the future. Experience is a huge factor in getting the job done quickly and accurately. With our years of experience we can guarantee the fastest quality service no matter if your computer requires a New Hard Drive, Screen, Data Recovery, Virus removal, upgrade, Tune up, or any other type of repair or maintenance work.

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If you have questions about your business computer network needs, our highly qualified experts are here to help. We offer advice on products and services best suited for your business, whether you need to have solutions compatible with Windows, Linux or Mac Operating Systems. ProFix Computer repair provides guidance when implementing, purchasing, comparing, or researching tech solutions best suited for your small business or Home.

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Ad Blocker plus… Works great!

This is a great ad-on to your Browser, it blocks all ads, and speeds up your load times. Not only is it FREE it helps block Virus, that use ads to get into your PC. Just go to the link, it will detect what browser you are using and download it to your browser. I have to say, after testing this on all browsers and other PS’s… Its great.
Adblock Plus is a free extension that allows you to – among other things – block annoying ads, disable tracking and block domains known to spread malware. Available for Android, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Maxthon, Opera, Safari and Yandex, Adblock Plus uses filters that you choose to block all unwanted elements.

10 things ProFix is asked all the time about computer repair….

If you are running slow, look into these…

1) Too many programs are running at the same time.
It is common for users to download utilities, applications, and other programs that run in the background. The more programs that are running – whether you see them or not – the less “attention span” your computer has to do other things you are asking it to do.

Avoid downloading web browser-helpers, more than one anti-malware program, or applications that claim to “speed up” your internet or your computer, as each one added will slow down your performance. (It’s also a good idea to uninstall programs that you do not use to increase your machine’s processing speed.)

2) There’s not enough free RAM.
Random-access memory (RAM) is what your computer uses for temporary working and thinking space. The more programs running at time, the more RAM is used. If your computer is running slowly, it could be because too many programs are running, and not enough RAM. To make your computer run faster, run fewer programs at a time or upgrade your RAM.

3) You have a virus/malware infection.
Internet slowdowns and slow computer operation can be a symptom of an infection. To find out if you have a malware problem, use an anti-virus and anti-spyware application to find it

4) You have low hard drive space.
Lack of hard drive space often affects older computers, or computers that do a lot of video editing or design work. Hard drives, which store all of your computer’s information, have a finite amount of space. Once they’re filled up, the computer no longer has the ability to manipulate files. The computer will slow down, eventually becoming unusable.

Generally, Windows will alert you to “low disk space” if this is the case. Moving some of your less-used files — such as pictures, music, and movies — to an external hard drive would free up some of your computer’s hard drive space and make it run faster. Deleting temporary files and performing a disk cleanup are also good ways to reclaim wasted space. Another solution? Install a bigger hard drive.

5) Restart your computer.
Every once in a while, it is a good idea to restart your computer. A computer cannot complete some of its updates until you restart. Restarting your computer can also free up memory resources tied up by buggy programs.

6) Sharing a wireless network.
If your internet is running slowly, but your computer is running quickly, you could have a lot of activity on your wireless network. Check to see if anyone else on your network is doing something that uses a lot of bandwidth (like streaming video or playing online games), as this can make your computer run slowly. You should also make sure your wireless network is secure so someone else isn’t using your Internet bandwidth. If your wireless network is not secure, ProFix recommends you create a password to secure your data and ensure strangers don’t join your network.

7)  Too many “bells and whistles.”
Animated pointers and hi-resolution images of your favorite vacation spot may look nice, but they can also slow your computer down. Since animations and images  load into memory every time you start your PC , there is less processing power available for more important tasks.

8) You have a scanning program running.
When a scanning program such as an anti-virus, anti-spyware, or automatic backup is running, your computer may respond slowly. We don’t recommend disabling these, as they are an important part of your computers safety. These programs should be run at least once a week, but don’t plan on using your machine while they are running.

9) Your computer barely meets your software’s minimum requirements.
Software usually has a list of requirements for things like processor speed, operating system, memory (RAM) and hard drive space. These specifications are the absolute minimum levels needed to make the software run. If your computer just meets the requirements, the software will run, but it might not run well. Try to meet or surpass the system “recommendations” of your software, rather than just meeting the bare “requirements.”

10) You have a fragmented hard drive.
It’s important to defragment your hard drive to help the computer organize itself better and make sure it runs smoothly. Think of your hard drive as someone who really likes to be organized but is always in a big hurry. Because you hard drive is low on time, it might save bits of a file here and pieces of it there, rather than all together. This works fine for a while, but eventually everything is scattered, and it takes your hard drive longer to find everything and get moving. Defragmenting is like a really big clean up. Your hard drive will put everything back in the right place and, as a result, will be able to move more quickly.

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Website SEO

We Can make your Business shine on the Internet.

Serving the McHenry, Johnsburg Area for over 20 Years in website design.

Do you want your business to expand on the internet?, Are you struggling to attract new Clients? Convey your business’s value? Close leads? ProFix keeps your business top of mind with a professional mix of marketing materials specific to your clients. We help businesses build their brands through a compelling brand message, logo design, brochure design, web design & development, social media and content marketing.

Effective web design is a critical component of any business marketing strategy. A compelling business website design and content strategy will help nurture a lead from a general inquiry to a specific opportunity to a current client. Not only will it allow a visitor to navigate your site intuitively and quickly—finding information in the least number of clicks—it will encourage visitors to convert into valuable leads.

The ProFix web team focuses on building websites that streamline content and feature efficient navigation—the most content with the least amount of clicks—so your brand message gets across quickly and clearly. The website content needs to be timely and relevant—compelling content that keeps a visitor on your site.

Our web design team ensures the website is easily expandable so that you can integrate more functionality and content down the road with no issues.

Your website means nothing if no one can find it. Our design, development is executed with the latest SEO practices and tactics in mind so you’re ranking with your ideal customers. We will help identify geo-targeted and industry-specific keyword phrases that will help you rank more quickly.

Whether your firm has a new website or an existing website, the first step towards building an effective SEO strategy is through analysis. ProFix will provide a thorough analysis of your current website condition, traffic ranking, keyword effectiveness and the competition. This information—combined with your overall company mission and target market—will provide us with the information we need to build a successful SEO program customized to meet your marketing objectives. Your company’s website can be a tremendous asset – as long as potential customers can find it. The key to being found by search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing is to make it as easy as possible for the search engines to recognize and remember your site. This process is called search engine optimization, or SEO.

Search engine optimization helps strengthen your visibility across major search engines – and increases the number of visitors to your site who are searching for services or products like yours. A form of proactive marketing, optimizing your website helps you reach out to potential customers who may not have otherwise known about your business.

ProFix specializes in organic search engine optimization, which means we focus our efforts on making your website appear in the “natural” list of results as opposed to ad links (often found on the right side of the search engine window). Emphasis is placed on local search engine optimization, making your site easily accessible to customers who live within your service area.

What you need to know about Spyware and Virus


Malware, Viruses, & other computer problems

Slow computer? Pop-ups? Crashes? Internet suddenly slow? Your computer probably is infected with spyware or viruses.

Most of the time when a computer is slow, freezes up a lot, or has a lot of pop-ups, it’s because of malware and/or viruses. These things are dangerous, many computers are infected, and many people don’t even know they have them on their computers.


Spyware, also known as adware or malware, is everywhere these days. There are several ways your computer can become infected. Many free programs, especially file sharing programs, install malware on your computer or make your computer vulnerable to spyware-infected files masquerading as songs, games, or videos. These things can do all sorts of bad things to your computer, including making it really slow, making it crash, making your Internet connection slow, or making programs not work. Even worse, it can do bad things to you too. It can install things that monitor your computer activity, steal your personal information and use that to steal your identity, and “hijack” your computer and use it to send out spam or viruses to other people.

ProFix strongly recommend that you use at least one anti-malware program (preferably more than one*) and periodically scan your computer for malware, even if you aren’t having any problems.

*Note that although you should never have more than one anti-virus program (norton, mcafee, avast) installed on your computer at the same time, it is okay – recommended, actually – to have more than one anti-malware program (malwarebytes) on your computer at the same time (they differ in how they define/identify malware, so each one often finds things the others missed).

Avoiding/preventing malware

Nothing offers 100% protection from spyware, but the best way to reduce your chances of getting spyware is to be suspicious of everything and always know what you’re clicking on. Most spyware cannot take hold unless you activate it in some way by clicking on something. If you don’t know what something is and exactly what it’s going to do, don’t click on it. (press alt+f4) Also, if you’re still using an old version of Internet Explorer (IE), upgrade it. Old versions of IE were less secure and more prone to threats than newer versions or other web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

Beware of fake programs & warnings

There are tons of fake “malware removal” programs out there that actually are spyware! These fake malware removal programs also try to confuse people by using names that sound like real security programs (SpywareBlaster is legit but SpyBlast is fake) and by mimicking the screens of real programs. Don’t install any program unless you know for sure that it’s legitimate. (just look at the address bar)

Also, if you see a warning pop up on your screen saying that your computer is infected, chances are that it’s actually spyware or an attempt to install malware on your computer. If you ever see something like this, do not click on anything! Call the ProFix, or, if the Help Desk isn’t available, turn off your computer without clicking on anything (save your work first). With many of these, even if you click on what looks like the close button, your computer will become infected. (press alt key+f4 key) will close it down.


Students connecting their computers to the College computer network are required to install Microsoft Security Essentials, which should keep you from getting most viruses & malware (no product can prevent 100% of all infections). College-owned computers currently use McAfee VirusScan Enterprise (NOT good), which is also available for personally-owned computers, but only provides protection against viruses, not malware. For employee-owned computers, you do not need to pay for virus protection. ProFix recommends using Microsoft Security Essentials or another free product such as avast! Free, and very good.

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