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Recycle Your Computers for the Community Project. Drop off at ProFix.

Recycle your old, broke PC ....Our world is advancing technologically at such a fast pace. A new class system is developing: those who are computer savvy, and those who are not. At Profix we want to change that.

Children who come from homes without a computer are at a disadvantage in several ways. First, they lack the basic computer skills that other students have acquired at home. This makes them enter their classes at a lower technical level. At home, they cannot practice their computer skills or complete assignments such as typing papers, creating presentations and doing Internet research. By redistributing computers which would be thrown out anyway, more students will have the basic tools to keep them active participants in our advancing world.

Computers are also distributed to adults who use them to practice job skills, type their résumés, and use them to access information on the Internet.
Senior Citizens:
Many home bound senior citizens have found a new life through the use of e-mail and the Internet. Computers help them keep in touch with family, friends, and the world.

Computers for the Community Project gives real-world educational experiences for all.

The Computers we receive at ProFix from local businesses, governments, and individuals are vital to all, and provides the donors an opportunity to give back to their communities. Through Computers for the Community Project, each drop-off is a step towards a brighter future for our community and environment. Refurbishing a computer is five to twenty times more energy efficient than recycling... Thank you to all that have lent a helping hand by donating or volunteering. Every enriched life is a step in the right direction. ProFix is looking forward to the next generation by giving them the tools to succeed. By having access to a home computer and internet service, a new world is open to be explored and new inspirations abound.

ProFix is working to ensure that every student has a computer in the home. We are working to close the gap in the technological divide by reducing the cost of technology. We are working to reduce the amount of electronic waste. We are working to teach skills to those in need to ensure a positive future in a promising field, Just drop off your used Computers. We are working with Home of the Sparrow and other groups. Also, we will be posting on the ProFix Facebook page...All PC's will be refurbished, and restored..Hard drives wiped clean. If we can not refurbish, it will be recycled.

This includes desktop and laptop computers, keyboards, mice, monitors (no CRT's please)

Drop off today, your help will help many......

Refurbish Computers
Members of the Microsoft Refurbished PC program
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            Frank McClatchey

Phone:  815-385-1813 or Cell/Text at 815-403-7180 Drop off at 3401 Pearl St. McHenry 60050,  also email us at HELP! 

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