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                     Call ProFix at 815-385-1813

ProFix is here for you, from Virus Removal to Hard drive Repairs, we do it all.

    Upgrade to Windows 10, and Data Transfer to your new PC/Laptop.

We offers Free Diagnostics in our shop or at your home or business, for Virus, Computer help, Slow, Pop-ups, start-up problems, malware, Blue Screen and hardware problems, We do it all ... Free estimates and Flat Rates. You will know what your costs are before any work is billed. No one likes surprises at the repair shop. We back up all our work for 30 days.

We do on-site, pickup and drop-offs, telephone support...  DO NOT trust someone to log into your PC, it's a scam....that is like asking someone to repair your car over the phone...all they want is money.  BEWARE OF SCAMS!

Many computer problems can be handled on-site, but when possible most repairs should be done in a shop as it generally results in a savings of at least 40% along with a much greater degree of reliability, Like Virus removal, speed-up your computer, Motherboard repairs, Screen, DC jack-Screen replacement and fix your Laptop. Call us to discuss your options, We will save you money.  815-385-1813 anytime.

"We Have been in the Technology business since 1996, so you can be rest assured that we are more than capable of addressing your needs. Our goal is a long standing mutually beneficial relationship. Most of our clients are from satisfied referrals".

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We are here for you....

  • Computer Repair & Speed-Up, Tune-Ups
  • Clean and Removal of Virus Malware Spyware
  • Data Recovery, Backup, Transfer lost files
  • New PC Setup, Fix slow, Popup removal
  • Hard Drive Repair, DC Jack, motherboard Fixes
  • Software Installation, MS Office Avast install
  • Web-Sites Design, SEO help
  • In Home Repairs and Home Theater set up
  • Printer Setup, Wi-Fi help, Router Modem Help

24/7  Computer Repair & Virus Removal
Call ProFix at 815.385.1813, Mobile: 815.403.7180 or email us at HELP

If you request an on-site repair, we will send you a photo of the Tech before-hand.

              Beware Of Scams!

              The New Malware,  Called Malvertising

              Keep up to date on Malware and Scams

              What is spyware??

              Data/File Backup

Does your laptop have one of the following problems?
  • Slow performance, needs a tune up
  • Internet Explorer errors or lockups
  • Excessive pop-up? advertisements!
  • Home page has changed? Speed up
  • Email or Internet access a lot slower
  • System BSOD, or running slow?

Then it's possible that your desktop or laptop is infected with a virus or it is full of Virus RemovalSpyware, Malware, Moneypack!  Immediate virus, malware, ad-ware and spyware removal is needed for your laptop or desktop to ensure both the privacy of your files and that the virus or worm does not infect other computers.

At ProFix Computers  we are experts in removing viruses, worms, spyware and ad-ware, We will speed it up... We can do it either on-site for $75 per hour or at our shop for only  $65 (one time service fee) with a turnaround of 24-48 hours.





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